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Framery Launches World’s First Connected Phone Booth as Offices Prepare for Growing Demand for Video Conferencing

Workplace industry pioneer responds to office needs prompted by COVID-19 with a revolutionary product

Tampere, Finland — February 10th, 2021 — Framery is excited to unveil Framery One, the world’s first connected phone booth. Video conferencing has become a core facet of business today. Research shows that by the end of 2021, 30% of the global workforce will work remotely multiple days per week, leading to increased video conference calls. Open offices typically lack a variety of conference rooms and quiet areas to work, limiting video conference ability. Framery set out to create a product that solved these evolving workplace needs and developed a solo workspace for efficient video conferences. With Framery One, meetings and virtual conference calls can occur within these spaces without disturbing those around them. The top-of-the-line futureproof pod combines 4G technology and a digital ecosystem with superior acoustics and Framery’s distinguished design DNA.

Framery Answers the Demands of the Hybrid Work Model

“We have seen a huge increase in the need for video conference solutions and are expecting this to grow throughout 2021,” says Framery’s CEO and Founder, Samu Hällfors. “Organizations need soundproof and technologically-advanced workspaces for successful virtual collaboration. Our team recognized that the market was missing a future-forward pod that provides workers with a private, soundproof space to connect virtually with those not in the office while not disturbing those around them. Framery One is truly the first of its kind.”

Framery One

Smart Settings for Modern Day Workers

Each design component is rooted in extensive customer experience research using comprehensive data. Framery One features a virtual ecosystem backed by unmatched technology. With a high-res touchscreen and seamless user interface (UI), the user can control reservations, airflow, and lighting. Users can integrate their calendar system so reservations can be made quickly or, if the pod is free, they can step inside, and the pod will be reserved automatically. The UI will show an on-screen message that alerts the user when their time slot is nearly up. If there aren’t any other bookings, the pod will automatically extend the session so the user can continue working without interruption. The pod’s accessories also include wireless charging, a power outlet, and a USB port.

“Framery One is the most innovative and distinctive single-person workstation on the market,” says Framery’s Head of Products, Lasse Karvinen. “COVID-19 has re-established our need and desire for personal workspace. Framery One is a one-stop-shop for productivity and will allow workers to complete tasks and video conference from a comfortable and quiet environment. The product is an adaptable workstation for an adapting workforce, and we’re so excited for the world to experience it.”

The table, screen, and coat rack feature Framery’s distinguished design DNA—a fine-tuned arch. Both the seat and the table can be adjusted easily, with footrests on the floor and fixed to the seat to keep users comfortable for long stretches of time. The pod transitions to a standing workstation for those who prefer to stand if the seat is left out.

The pod’s impressive ventilation will keep users feeling fresh and focused. The ventilation speed for Framery One is 29 liters per second, over four times higher than what is recommended for occupied spaces.

Designed for Today, Built for Tomorrow

Framery One will improve over time, thanks to intuitive software that keeps the pod up-to-date as technology evolves. Its future-proof, modular design ensures that the pod can be upgraded as new tech specifications or working methods become the norm.

Additionally, sustainability has always been at the core of Framery’s mission. Framery One’s structure is constructed from steel, and a total of 95% of the materials used in this highly durable pod can be recycled. Steel also ensures that the structure is fireproof. Due to its efficient design, Framery One has a small footprint in the office but feels spacious to the user. Framery One features wheels, allowing users to re-arrange the product within the office as needed over time. As it can be difficult to re-organize an office without renovating, especially amidst a pandemic, this feature allows the product to be more adaptable and flexible for user needs. Additionally, Framery One received a quality rating by the new ISO 23351-1 standard for sound insulation. Users never have to worry about private conversations being overheard or disrupting coworkers, even if the pods are near desks.

The product is available in eight timeless colors, including White, Grey, Black, Powder Blue, Winter Moss, Sand, and Navy. The design team also created a range of interior panel fabrics for the carpet, seats, and tables so that the pod can be adapted to suit a specific company style.

Framery Connect Enables Management and Optimization

The new digital management system comes equipped with Framery Connect, which keeps Framery One performing efficiently. Automatic alerts for maintenance needs ensure that issues are resolved quickly due to direct access to Framery. If issues arise, Framery’s customer care support can be easily accessed over email or phone. Framery Connect also provides insight into how Framery One is being used so that office managers can understand the booth’s utilization rate in a hybrid office and their return on investment.

Framery One is officially launching on February 10th at 3 PM GMT. For more information, please visit

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